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Animated GIF from Inkblot interactive website

Inkblot is a blockchain project that is being created. Our team created the interactive website, which is structurally a multiple option non-linear dialogue, and presents itself as a conversation in which the user can know more about the project and mint the result of this conversation.

The project features an unique aesthetic inspired by George Orwell’s “1984” and old school psychoanalysis, which is the persona that the virtual engaging with you throughout the experience assumes. The visual design is composed of dark and muted tones, with elements reminiscent of an alternate reality. The project features a video composed interactive page which will enhance the experience and provide an immersive transition into this dystopic inspired conversation and analysis into the depths of “the self”.

Screen capture from Inkblot interactive website

Screen capture from Inkblot interactive website

Animated assets

These animations and visual effects were created inspired by the scanning of the brain, mixed with the texture and movement of a Ink, resulting into an unique aesthetic, that subtly contributes to the overall experience and mood.



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