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    • Drunk Lyrics
    • September 01, 2022

Do You Know Your Lyrics? is a mobile game that brings the popular party game “Drunk Lyrics” to the player’s mobile device using augmented reality technology. The game challenges players to be creative and think on their feet as they draw a card with a random word and must improvise their own lyrics and music that include that word.

The game allows players to use their device’s camera to capture their performance which overlays the lyrics on the screen and also records their performance. Players can then share their creations with friends on social media, compete with friends to see who can come up with the funniest or most creative song, and save their favorite performance to watch again later.

The game will come with a big list of word cards, and there will be a possibility to purchase additional packs for more fun.

Overall, Do You Know Your Lyrics? is a fun, interactive and creative mobile game that offers players a new way to enjoy the popular party game “Drunk Lyrics”. Using augmented reality technology, the game allows players to create and share their own unique performances, making for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Drunk Lyrics on IOS

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