Quokka Party Cover

Quokka Island Party

Virtual Reality

    • Virtual Reality
    • Tribe Quokka
    • August 01, 2022


Quokka Island Party is a 360 video animation project that brings to life a lively beach party filled with Quokka characters. The project utilizes cutting-edge animation techniques to create a fully immersive experience. The animation is set on a beautiful tropical beach, where a party is taking place. Crowd generation technology is used to populate the scene with a diverse cast of Quokka characters, each with their own unique design and personality.

Quokka Party

Quokka Party

The animation is shot in 360 degrees, allowing viewers to look around the scene and fully experience the party atmosphere. They will see Quokkas dancing and having a great time.

With this project, specifically designed for members of the Tribe Quokka, we aim to transport viewers to a fun and vibrant beach party, where they can lose themselves in the exciting atmosphere and engage with the lovable Quokka characters.

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