Timepunk Cover

Timepunk, an exciting time traveling roguelike

We’re announcing our second pixel art title on Steam, Timepunk!
Timepunk is an exciting time traveling roguelike game in which you will be able to play with your friends and travel to different time periods, and fight off dinosaurs, white bearded mages, dinosaurs, robots and aliens while collecting amazing upgrades.

We have started development earlier this year and have recently published a free demo on Steam:

Be sure to visit our page and add Timepunk to your wishlists.

The game features a very unique minimalist pixel art style and is based on retro futurism themes, with inspiration on popular time traveling titles. And if there is one things that we know more time traveling titles it’s that there’s always the mad scientist and the young adventurer, so we conclude that time traveling is better in groups! So one of the main priorities of this game is making sure it’s a fun experience for groups, up to four players, the demo already brings back the coach local co-op vibes and our goal is to bring this to multiplayer as well.

Timepunk aims to be fast paced top down roguelike bullet hell, with almost rhythmic bullet dodging and shooting, with hordes of enemies, procedural maps and all the things that will make each of your runs great!

Remember to add Timepunk to your wishlists on Steam and enjoy the ride!