Aden, an interactive and digital gaming studio.

Aden is an international studio focused on gamification and interactivity, and our work stands out through the creation of in-depth fantasy worlds, emotional stories and a constant exploration of the boundaries of each medium.

We work primarly as a game studio developing our own IPs like Gladihaters and Ithico, which feature unique game worlds, aesthetics, gameplay and narrative. And we also provide services as a B2B studio, taking on full projects, from the conception, development and implementation of games, applications and digital solutions. Our focus is the constant exploration of arts and new technologies, in particular, augmented reality, virtual reality and the metaverse.

Our expertise in these fields comes both from academic research and from the execution of multiple digital projects for agencies, retail, culture, museums and events. It’s this thirst for innovation and also his experience as a creative director for digital projects that motivated Rafael Silva to create the studio in 2021. And since then our growth is a direct response to the market’s need for mature digital solutions in new media, with solid structures, well-designed and with studio-like visual quality.

And this is what guides our core team, chosen by their talent in CGI production, game art, and creative development. We are based in Caldas da Rainha, in Portugal. And while we also work remotely with talents from all over the world, it is inspiring for us to work together in a city with such artistic roots.

Our slogan is “Virtue in Play”, and we believe that storytelling matters and that games and interactivity are powerful means for impactful storytelling, which can inspire new realities and hopefully a better future.

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